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Priority Home Buyers FAQ

Buying houses for cash since 2008, our mission is simple. We are real estate problem solvers, first and foremost.

And we have one simple rule: everything we buy must be a win-win. For you and for us.

We’d be delighted to talk to you today and hear all about the property you have.

We’ve overcame just about every type of challenging real estate situation imaginable, and can confidently assist in any unique situation you are in.

“I Want / Need to Sell My House Fast!”: The FAQ

✅ How Can I Sell My House Fast?

Looking to secure a fast home sale? We’re here to help. Selling to a cash home buyer like us can significantly speed things up, especially in a cooling housing market where traditional buyers might be hard to come by.

Here at Priority Home Buyers, we’re all about removing unnecessary stress from the equation. With us, you can skip the long wait for bank approvals and forget about making lender-mandated repairs. We pay cash for your home, ensuring ensure a smooth, straightforward selling process.

Working with a traditional real estate agent can often feel like a game of guesswork, but with us, there are no surprises. The offer we make on your home is precisely what you’ll receive at the closing table.

Fill out our form in seconds and get a cash offer within the hour. Paying cash, we are able to close in 7 days or less!

✅ Is Working with a Cash Buyer Really a Faster Selling Process?

Absolutely! Cash buyers will generally streamline the selling process by at least 45-60 days (assuming a traditional 90 day selling period).

A cash transaction minimizes closing complications, as there’s no lender to slow things down. Plus, you can skip the preparatory tasks & costs (property repairs, cleaning, staging, etc.).

Our company, for example, buys any property in any condition – for any reason. To get started simply:

  • Provide us with a few details: your property address and a means to contact you.
  • Secure an instant cash offer from a dedicated home buyer in your local market.
  • Collect the entire offer amount at closing (no fees!), and pat yourself on the back for a successful home sale!

✅ Can I Sell My House to a Cash Buyer if it’s Under Foreclosure?

Yes, you can sell your house to a cash buyer even if it’s under foreclosure. Choosing an instant buyer, or iBuyer, is typically an excellent choice for homeowners facing foreclosure.

Foreclosure proceedings can halt once a sale is in progress, making a speedy sale to a cash buyer a viable option to avoid foreclosure entirely. Moreover, cash buyers usually purchase properties ‘as is’, eliminating the need for you to make any repairs or renovations.

The process is usually straightforward, involving a quick inspection of your property and a no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours. In most cases, we at Priority Home Buyers are able to make a cash offer remotely, without you ever opening your door.

✅ Is it Possible to Sell My House in One Day?

Even with a speedy cash quote, completing a home sale within one day just isn’t realistic. Our process comes close, with the average close being about 7 days. You can compare that to the typically 60-90 day process of selling your house with a real estate agent.

The fastest way is to sell your house for cash to an instant home buyer (like us). We are used to working with sellers on shorter timelines and up against all types of challenges (divorce, foreclosure, probate, and more).

We’re here to provide an easier way out, that doesn’t rely on waiting for a buyer to qualify for a mortgage, or shelling out more dollars for real estate agent commissions, cleaning, or repairs.

✅ How Can I Increase My Chances Of Selling My House?

The question on every property seller’s mind.

While making repairs, painting, deep cleaning, staging your home, or switching real estate agents may have a net effect of shortening your selling timeline – all these options have substantial costs and coordination.

At Priority Home Buyers, we buy houses of all shapes, sizes, and conditions (yes any house). And we close and get you the cash in 7 days or less.

It’s ultimately up to you to weigh these options, but for those working with shorter timeframes or challenging situations – we pride ourselves on being your best solution. All our offers are no-obligation, so you have nothing to lose by filling out our quick online form.

✅ Which “We Buy Houses” Company is the Best Choice to Sell My Home?

At the end of the day, the choice of the best We Buy Houses company for selling your home comes down to you.

You’ve been bombarded with mailers, radio jingles, TV commercials, and weird little “bandit” signs on lawns and telephone poles. There’s a lot of real estate companies that jumped into the “We Buy Houses” space over the years, but only a few with the network of professionals to get you the best price for your home.

We communicate through our website and over the phone, and will show up with a business card and a smile for our walkthrough (if requested). Beyond prompt and friendly service, we have a vast network of cash buyers and local market experts in every pocket of the country. We leverage our team to get you the most competitive price possible for your home.

Get started with us today by getting in touch, and let us show you the difference working with Priority Home Buyers.

✅ Do We Buy Houses Companies Really Purchase Less-Than-Perfect Homes? (“Ugly Houses”)

You bet they do! Companies like ours, in the ‘We Buy Houses’ space, are always keen to take on properties that others might shy away from. These ‘fixer-upper’ homes provide us with a canvas to refurbish, rejuvenate, and potentially retain as part of our investment portfolio.

When we acquire homes in need of some TLC, the sellers also win because they no longer need to grapple with the stress and expense of extensive repairs.

We see every transaction as a major win-win. Even when we buy “ugly houses,” and those that no one else would take on. And it doesn’t stop at houses: we purchase condos, townhomes, duplexes, multi-family, and even mobile homes in some scenarios.

So if you’ve got a home that’s more ‘distressed chic’ than ‘move-in ready’, and you’re ready to part ways with it, we’d be more than happy to present you with a swift cash offer. Let’s make this happen, together!

✅ Are Most We Buy Houses Companies Safe & Legitimate?

While many ‘We Buy Houses’ companies operate on a legitimate basis, there are more than a few that don’t play by the rules. To protect yourself from potential scams, it’s crucial to thoroughly read through the property purchase agreement before signing off on your prized asset.

The last thing you want is to find yourself trapped in a deceptive contract with a company planning to decrease the offer price post-agreement. With us – and with any trusted company that buy properties – the amount agreed upon should be the amount you receive at closing (cash in full).

As part of your due diligence when seeking a cash home buyer, always ask for proof of previous successful transactions and reviews from previous customers.

✅ Will a Cash Buyer Cover All Fees, Including Closing Costs?

While we do, a great many won’t. Many instant home buying services and large real estate firms do levy charges and pass on closing costs.

When we at Priority Home Buyers commit to purchasing your home, the offer we make is the exact amount you’ll pocket at the end of the deal. We cover all closing costs, and charge no fees.

Simple, transparent, and fair – that’s how we operate.

I needed to sell my home quickly, and Priority Home Buyers delivered exceptional service. They were reliable, transparent, and guided me through the entire process. Their team acted swiftly, ensuring a fast sale without any complications. I was impressed by... read more
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Jake H.
Terrific group of investors and a wonderful service.
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Jon W.
I was not looking forward to selling my home in this market, but PHB did a good job of keeping me informed of what they were doing. I am grateful for the work they have done.
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Patricia J.

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