Listing vs. Selling (2023 Guide)

“Should I Sell My House for Cash or List it With an Agent?”

When it comes to selling your home, you have a few options.

You can list it with a real estate agent and go the traditional route.

Or, you could sell your house for cash to an investor or homebuying company like Priority Home Buyers.

In this scenario, we’re referred to as an iBuyer or “instant buyer”.

Key Differences

Listing /w an Agent SOLD to Priority
Commissions / Fees: 6% on average is paid by you, the seller None
Who Pays Closing Costs?: 2% on average is paid by you, the seller None (we pay all costs)
Inspection & Financing Contingency*: Yes, up to 15% of sales fall through None
Appraisal Needed: Yes, sale is often subject to appraisal None (get a cash offer)
Average Days Until Sold: +/- 90 Days IMMEDIATE CASH OFFER
Number of Showings: Many, depending Just once (us)
Closing Date: 30 to 60 days after accepting buyers offer Your Choice (we can close within 7 days)
Who Pays For Repairs?: Negotiated During Inspection We cover ALL repairs

“List My House for Sale”

  • Have 4-6 months? Listing may net you a bit more
  • Connect with one of our trusted local realtors
  • Benefit from 10+ years local market experience

“Get a Fair Cash Offer Today”

  • Let us know about your situation and your house
  • We’ll evaluate it quickly (within 24 hours)
  • You’ll receive a fair, win-win all cash offer

Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash

Speed of Sale

Selling a house for cash can be beneficial because it is a much faster and easier process than selling to someone who must obtain a mortgage. Additionally, cash sales mean you don’t have to wait for money in escrow until the homebuyer takes occupation.

Consequently, selling a house for cash can be advantageous when you need to close on your next home before moving.

Remove the Stress of Listing Your Home

Selling a home can be a stressful experience, but selling for a cash offer can help to remove some of that stress.

When you sell your home for cash, there is no need to worry about preparing an inventory, repair costs, staging the property for showings, or advertising it.

No Closing Costs

There are no closing costs when you sell your house to an investor or home buying company. You’ll get a fair price for your home and won’t have to spend a dime on fees.

Selling your house for cash can be completed in as little as two weeks. You will need to review and sign some documents during the closing process.

Still, the final sale price, payoff balance, utility bills, pro-rated taxes, and other financial details should all be included in the Hud-1 Settlement Statement.

The Loan Payoff Statement, Title Deed, and Bill of Sale will be prepared and signed at the closing. The Mechanics Lien document ensures that no contractors have a lien on the property.

Should You Sell Your House for Cash or List it With an Agent

The Statement of Information states that you are who you say you are. You’ll need to review and sign closing instructions, a HUD-1 settlement statement, and other paperwork.

Keep the settlement statement for your taxes. Make sure to have your closing agent review the paperwork line by line before you sign it to check for errors.

To sell your house for cash, you’ll need a certificate of title, a title deed, a loan payoff statement, a mechanics liens document, a bill of sale listing any additional items being sold with the house (like furniture), and a statement of closing costs and information detailing your house’s square footage and special features or amenities.

You must sign all these documents at the closing, after which recording the deed at the county courthouse and paying off your mortgage will complete the sale.

No Home Conditions

Selling your house through a iBuyer or “we buy houses” company has several advantages over traditional home-selling methods.

First, you can sell “as is,” which allows for quick closings and avoids expensive repairs or upgrades that would need to be completed otherwise. There is also no need to worry about contingency clauses, as the sale will go through no matter what.

Finally, in many states, sellers are legally obligated to disclose certain information about the property being sold – such as any history of flooding or infestation. By selling through house flippers, you can avoid providing these disclosures.

Save on Repairs

You can also save money on repairs by selling your house for cash to a house flipper. By avoiding many of the steps in the closing process, you can move on to other things quickly.

Save on Home Depreciation

Selling your home for cash means you don’t need to make any updates or improvements before listing.

As a result, you can avoid any potential issues resulting from a traditional sale that requires home inspections or appraisals.

Disadvantages of Selling Your House For Cash

Could Leave Money On The Table

The disadvantages of a home sale for cash are that it can be complicated and risky. Therefore, it’s essential to compare timelines and closing dates to find the best offer for you.

  • Cash offers are typically 12% lower than financed offers.
  • Cash buyers can be pushy and unprofessional, and it can be challenging to work with a first-time cash buyer (we like to think of ourselves as the exception).
  • Selling a house for cash can be tricky because more competing offers exist.
  • A cash home sale can lead to disputes between the buyer and sellers because it is not subject to the same regulations and taxes as traditional transactions.
  • It can be risky selling to a cash buyer because there is no protection against fraud or loss.

Sketchy Buyers

Selling your house to a shady buyer can result in less money and a worse deal. You can avoid shady buyers by researching and being careful when selling your home.

Some tips to avoid selling your house to a shady buyer include:

  • Researching potential buyers and their recent reviews
  • Asking for references from previous home sellers
  • Making sure all paperwork is in order

The Closing Process Can Be Confusing

Here are a few things to keep in mind when a cash buyer approaches you:

  • The sale price might not be too negotiable
  • You’ll have to sign documents similar to those in a traditional real estate transaction
  • The title company may draft the paperwork, or an attorney may handle it, and it can be risky
  • Be aware of the real estate market in your area, and avoid overpricing the property
  • It’s essential to have a realistic understanding of how much money you’ll make and what risks you’re taking before selling a house for cash

Communication Can Be Lacking

Not having an expert realtor handling communication means that you may not sell to the highest bidder unless other offers are already on the table.

In addition, the underwriting process can take a long time. Therefore, you need to be aware of these disadvantages to avoid them.

Protection is Weaker

Selling a house for cash can be more challenging than selling a home through a real estate agent. This is because the cash buyer will need to get their finances in order and arrange for the purchase, which can take time.

In addition, there is no guarantee that the buyer will come through with the purchase unless you are dealing with a professional home-buying company.

Benefits of Listing with an Agent

Increased Exposure

A realtor or agent can help you list your home, receive multiple offers, and sell the property for your desired price.

This can take some of the stress away from the transaction. An agent can also guide you through the home-selling process, which may or may not get you more money in the end.

sell my house for cash or list with agent

More Buyers

When listing your home with a real estate agent, you are tapping into a wealth of resources and knowledge (if they’re a good one).

Your agent can help you determine the best asking price for your home and can guide you on making any necessary repairs or upgrades.

You will also have access to a much wider pool of potential buyers than if you were to sell your home for cash.

Feedback from Agent

  • Selling your home is emotional, so using an agent can make the process easier.
  • Agents help you avoid making common mistakes during the selling process, such as overpricing your home or being desperate.
  • If you list your home without an agent, you’ll have to deal with rejection from buyers’ agents on a regular basis.
  • Agents can help sellers feel less rejection and put a positive spin on any negative feedback.
  • It can be harder for the homeowner to keep their emotions in check, which is why agents are so helpful.
  • Agents act as a buffer between the homeowner and home buyers, helping to keep the sale process smoother.

Overall, listing with an agent can help you understand your home value and negotiate a better deal on the sale of your home, if you have the time on your hands.

Property Assistance

In some cases, agents can help you negotiate a better price by making suggestions on how to improve your home. Agents can also help you get the best market value and terms possible for your home.

Local Knowledge

Listing with an agent can be more efficient because they know your area.

Home flippers may offer a higher price for your house, but the listing process with an agent can free up more time for you to focus on your business.

Disadvantages of Listing with an Agent


Listing with an agent can be expensive, with commissions as high as 6%.

The disadvantage of real estate agent fees is that they are often high versus the value provided, and can amount to a large percentage of the purchase price. Sometimes, the fees are not refundable, even if the sale falls through.

Purchasing real estate can be complex and time-consuming, with multiple steps requiring professional advice. These services can begin to add up and include fees for the real estate agent, attorney, and other professionals (stagers, lawn care, and partners).

No Communication with Potential Buyers

Listing with an agent means they communicate with a potential buyer – not you.

This makes the process more time-consuming and might be a point of frustration for you. Real estate agents are often less flexible than iBuyers when it comes to price and terms.

Drawn Out Process

There are rarely any quick timeframes.

Listing with an agent means it takes time to find a buyer who is qualified and willing to pay the asking price.

It can also be challenging to coordinate schedules between the buyer, seller, and agent.

Cleaning Your House

Listing your house with an agent can also be a disadvantage because of the preparation it takes to sell your home.

Be aware also that you must clean and prepare your home before each showing.

This takes time and money and can be stressful, in addition to eating into your profits and ultimately reducing the amount of money you receive for your house.

No Control Over Marketing

Typically, agents have a specific area in which they operate, and the brokerage generally has a particular way of marketing.

You can fix this by finding an agent who is willing to work with you on a lower-cost advertising plan or by doing your own marketing.

Finally, be sure to interview several agents and compare their marketing strategies and commissions. You should also be clear about what you want in terms of price and terms before listing your home.

You’ll need to be patient and understand that it may take longer to sell your home if you use an agent.

Fixing Repairs

Listing with an agent can be a disadvantage due to the time and money you’ll spend on fixing your home before advertising and showings.

Scheduling Showings

Agents sell houses by arranging showings! Constantly showing your home takes time and is inconvenient. There is no getting away from that.

It is highly advisable to find an agent who is knowledgeable about your home and has plenty of time to devote to marketing it effectively and quickly.

Waiting Around

Listing with an agent can be disadvantageous because it can take longer to sell the property.

In order to avoid this issue, homeowners can request an offer from a company that buys properties for cash. This will bypass the staging process and allow for a quicker sale.

Listed properties can also be less visible to potential buyers since they are not the only properties for sale. You can fix this by using online listing services that allow you to list your property on multiple websites or by working with a real estate agent with an excellent online presence.

The Verdict

Your unique circumstances as a home seller will dictate whether you accept a cash offer, or a financed offer through a real estate agent.

sell your house fast vegas

If you have the time and stamina to endure the hassle of renovations, open houses, and waiting for the best offer, then paying the real estate commission can be worth it.

However, if moving into your new home and getting on with the next chapter of your life is essential to you and your family, then selling to an investor or homebuying company – without closing costs, commission fees, or money in escrow – is worth your serious consideration.

Contact Priority Home Buyers for a no-pressure chat today. You have nothing to lose and a fair cash offer to gain!

What are you leaning towards?

“List My House for Sale”

  • Have 4-6 months? Listing may net you a bit more
  • Connect with one of our trusted local realtors
  • Benefit from 10+ years local market experience

“Get a Fair Cash Offer Today”

  • Let us know about your situation and your house
  • We’ll evaluate it quickly (within 24 hours)
  • You’ll receive a fair, win-win all cash offer
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